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The official YuSool Korean Jujitsu schools blog. You can learn more about the martial art of Yusool by reading our articles and informative posts or trying a class at one of the below listed locations.

If you are looking for self defense Jujitsu classes then you are in the right place. Our goal here is to give you the facts you need about the Korea art of Yusool — fast — so you can get on the road to taking action right away.

The blog. proudly sponsored by World Martial Arts Media, provides a ton of information about the Korean martial art of Yusool. In addition, you will find extensive information on our Yusool martial arts schools in Apopka, Clermont and Orlando, Florida.

We have an exciting Yusool Korean Jujitsu program available along with several other programs to choose from.

You may be wondering What is YuSool? Here is an article from World Martial Arts Magazine to explain.

YuSool, simply put, is Japanese Jujitsu made Korean. Having said this, it requires a little explanation.

korean jujitsu yusool president

Korea YuSool Association President Grand Master Youn

A special message from Grand Master Youn, President of the Korea YuSool Association: “I have personally trained with the fine instructors at the schools listed below and give you my personal recommendation to join them. I wish you much success in your training.”

During the brutal Japanese occupation of the Korean peninsula, 1905-1945, the Japanese attempted to destroy Korean culture, history, arts, and even the Korean language. Practice of the traditional Korean military arts was strictly prohibited and, if caught, the punishment was potentially fatal. When the Japanese Empire was finally crushed in 1945, a new Korea began to emerge from the ashes.

In Japan, from the time of the Samurai to the military occupation of a defeated Japan in 1945, Jujutsu was the mother art of unarmed combat. Prior to the turn of the 20th Century, if it involved unarmed combat, it was Jujutsu.

The term “Jujutsu” is the appropriate term, by the way. The term “Jujitsu” or “Jiujitsu” or “Ju-Jitsu” refers to the attempt to link Jujutsu to the concept of “The Way” that was introduced to the Japanese martial arts by Kano, Jigoro the Founder of Kodokan Judo.

jujitsu yusool drawing

Ancient drawing showing YuSool in 1435

Kano’s martial art of Kodokan Judo, which ended with Kano’s death as far as Japan is concerned, arose out of Jujutsu. Kano’s art is continued today in Korea in the traditional military art of Chung Tong Yudo®.

The traditional Korean military art of Hapkido also arose out of Jujutsu. Hapkido began as Jujutsu over a half-century ago, but is now a separate art in its own right.

YuSool continues in its own right as a traditional military art, however. The reader is reminded that YuSool is not a sport. Nor is it a modern fighting system, such as the so-called Brazilian Jujitsu, limited to fighting techniques without heritage, lineage, philosophy, values, or ethics. One seeking to “learn a true martial art”, with etiquette, honor, and discipline should try YuSool.

In the Republic of Korea, the traditional military arts are regulated by an Instructors Association, itself under the control of the federal government. This Association sets the standards to be met by all military arts, and all of the kwons within these military arts.

[Note: A “kwan” is a school of thought, a system, or a system of philosophy, licensed to a specific military art. All of the traditional Korean military arts are taught within the kwan system. Too much emphasis cannot be put upon that fact.]

korean jujitsu schools logo

Korea YuSool Association official logo

Each military art is represented at the Association level, by one governing body for that art. The governing body for the traditional military art of YuSool is the Korean YuSool Association. Master Darren Norris of Hendersonville, North Carolina is an official Representative for the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association and a member of the World Council.

YuSool provides a Taekwondo, Yudo, or Hapkido practitioner an opportunity to expand upon his or her existing skills. It can serve well as either one’s primary military art or as a form of sabbatical study. Every practitioner reaches a point wherein he or she needs to try something different to avoid burnout. The traditional military art of YuSool is a good fit in either of these situations. For more information on YuSool training in Apopka, Clermont and Orlando, Florida visit our website at http://americandragononline.com.

If you live in the West Orlando area, OcoeeApopka or Clermont then we are conveniently located near YOU! To arrange your special visit for a free week of class call any of the locations below!

Call one of the certified Self Defense Schools listed below

    • Ocoee, FL Ph: 321-443-8077
    • Clermont, FL Ph: 352-536-5063
    • Orlando (East) FL Ph: 407-923-5269
    • Orlando West (Metro West) FL 352-638-8143


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